WLD in Educational Settings 2023

Plan an event, engage your community, and celebrate with us!

Since 2019, World Labyrinth Day in Schools, and now broadened to Educational Settings, has been observed on the Friday before World Labyrinth Day. In 2023 this will be Friday, May 5th. For this year’s event, we have prepared quite a suite of resources to support teachers and schools, available at aln.org.au/wldes-resources.

On World Labyrinth Day in Educational Settings 2023 come to the dance between your heart and your breath where you can create calm, inner, focused space. Coming to places of quiet and stillness, attuning to Nature, deep listening, and deep awareness are the threads that weave their way throughout this material. We’re calling them Heartfulness Practices. They sit at the core of what we offer in our labyrinth resources this year. The intention is that walkers come to their heart centre through any of the suggested practices and techniques before each labyrinth walk. We love that “listen” and “silent” are anagrams. “Listen” and “silent” are integral to these practices and techniques. Entering the labyrinth, our breath prepares us for our journey towards a peaceful heart. 

The Peaceful Hearts resource is comprised of:

All can be freely downloaded from the website.