World Labyrinth Day Events

Argentina (Virtual)

Univiary Labyrinth and Land Art Design Workshop (Fredonia, Colombia)

Free class for the public in Spanish by LAM, artist and teacher from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, Argentina; Ambassador of Peace and coordinator of the Laberinto Collective. Activity for World Labyrinth Day 2024.


Classic single labyrinth. What does it mean? How and what can it be used for? Art and labyrinths. History. Typologies. Land art. The Labyrinth WALKS THE LIGHT OF THE SOUTH in Ushuaia How to design it? Morphology, geometry, orientation, materialities. Step by step drawing.


General and specific information will be provided, as well as a technical tutorial, which will be available in images. It will be explained with examples and drawings will be invited to exercise the design process. Requirements Pencil, notepad, colors. Optional: Squared sheet. Square or ruler. Black marker. No prior knowledge is needed. It is recommended to enter the Facebook group in advance, requesting acceptance the days before. The video will be transmitted from it and the teaching material will be available in that group.

This virtual presentation is carried out within the framework of the WLD, representing Argentina on this WORLD LABYRINTH DAY 2024 and is organized by L Planeta de Origen, a residency for artists in Ushuaia, a member of the CUERO PATAGONIA Network and the national network of Points of Culture, for Labyrinth Group - Ushuaia.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Registration is required.

Saturday, May 4, 4-5:30 p.m. (GMT-3) 

Hosted by L Planeta de Origen and Colectivo Laberinto, Ushuaia,  Argentina