World Labyrinth Day 2022

Another great year! Individual and group walks, activities, and workshops happened across the world including: Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States (many states plus Puerto Rico).

World Labyrinth Day 2022 Photo Montage

Here are some of the many places where World Labyrinth Day was celebrated in 2022!

Many thanks to Ellen Bintz Meuch and Annie Meuch!

Participation in The Big Connection Research Project

The Legacy Labyrinth Project along with the 400+ participants in the 1st Big Connection learned that the majority of insights received while walking a labyrinth on World Labyrinth Day, 2021, fell into 4 social change categories. They are, human rights, social justice, the environment and strengthening relationships.

As a result, we felt compelled to explore this and other information in further study. In the 2nd Annual Big Connection we asked: “What would happen if groups walked together in brain/heart coherence, with specific intentions for social change?”, “What could happen if they walked regularly with that same intention over a specific period of time? ” What could we learn?”

We had 279 registrations from 13 countries with a 75% questionnaire return rate for the Big Connection 2.0. This is super high of a questionnaire return, we thank you! Your answers will give us even more information about your experience.

In our Focus Group we have learned that being able to “do something” on labyrinths for all that is going on in the world, was appreciated, valued and important.

The final results from Big Connection 1.0 and 2.0 will be shared once they are completed.

Pre-WLD events included:

March 26-April 30

Pre-WLD Virtual Workshops Three-Part Series:

  • "Everything you need to know about WLD: How to plan and promote a WLD event" hosted by The Labyrinth Society

  • "Designing the content and facilitation of your WLD walk: Come learn and share with your peers" hosted by Veriditas

  • "The Second Annual Big Connection Global Research Project: Going Deeper" hosted by Legacy Labyrinth Project

Pre-WLD Planning Session for Oceania and Asia:

  • "Gearing up for World Labyrinth Day" hosted by Australian Labyrinth Network

Celebration of Labyrinths in Higher Education

  • Hosted by Rollins College Labyrinth Project and The Labyrinth Society

Online Handheld Finger Labyrinth Walk

  • With theme of setting an intention led by Chris Katzenmeyer of Legacy Labyrinth Project and the second annual Big Connection project

  • Hosted by Veriditas

Partner events included:

Saturday, May 7

World Labyrinth Day Online Handheld Finger Labyrinth Meditation, led by Lauren Artress, hosted by Veriditas

TLS in Topia: Virtual Worlds for World Labyrinth Day Connections, hosted by The Labyrinth Society and Labyrinths of New England

World Labyrinth Day Global Wrap-up, led by Frank Faine and Ellen Bintz Meuch, hosted by The Labyrinth Society