World Labyrinth Day Events

Germany set out (Brieske, Germany

The artist Yana Arlt from Brieske has been involved with the labyrinth for 10 years. 

Many small and large labyrinths have been created and as they are made from pebbles, leaves and fruits, their existence is temporary. 

So is the labyrinth she will be creating outside the church in Brieske on 4 May. 

At 1 pm on 4 May, Yana Arlt invites you to take a walk to the centre and back again. Something happens to people on such a walk: they experience a sense of community and moments where they feel at home within themselves. 

Location: Martin-Luther-Kirche, Kirchstraße 2, 01968 Brieske, Germany

Registration is not required.

Saturday, May 4, 12-2:00 p.m. MESZ

Hosted by Martin-Luther-Kirche, Brieske

Mindfull Walking in the Heart-labyrinth (Jüterbog, Germany) 

Since October 2022, there has been a walkable labyrinth in the shape of a heart on a public meadow near the castle park in Jüterbog/Brandenburg. Over a length of approximately 1.2 km, seven circuits (based on the Cretan form) lead directly into the heart and back out the same way. As in life, the path takes many twists and turns, even moving away from the goal until the (heart-)center is reached. 

After a short introduction to the topic of "mindful walking", we will walk the heart labyrinth together - each of us on our own, barefoot or shod, with or without an umbrella, silently or singing, but above all: MINDFULLY.

On a donation basis

Location: 14913 Jüterbog (Germany), Wilhelm-Kempff-Weg/Spitzbubenweg (extention of Mozartstraße)

Registration is not required.

Saturday, May 4, 1-6:00 p.m. CET

Hosted by Markus Schwarzäugl "Leuchtigel"