Pre-World Labyrinth Day Events

These free pre-WLD workshops encourage and empower you to create your own local events. Each workshop is offered at two different times to facilitate global participation.

Please share and invite your friends!

January 2024

To learn more about Creating an Intention for Groups, click here.

Intention Setting for WLD

a pre-World Labyrinth Day virtual workshop hosted by the Legacy Labyrinth Project on Zoom

Saturday, January 6:

How do intention work with labyrinth walking?  How can I make one for myself or my group?  What really makes them powerful?

Come learn all of this based on the Legacy Labyrinth Project's Big Connection research. The presentation offers a free worksheet to use for the next time you want to write an intention for yourself or your group. 

February 2024

WLDES: You too can do this!

a pre-World Labyrinth Day virtual workshop hosted by Australian Labyrinth Network on Zoom

Saturday, February 3:

Join us to find out how you can utilize and work with the resources we have prepared to build on the Peaceful Hearts theme we started last year. We are incorporating seven focus values to add even more depth to our 2024 theme, Peaceful Hearts Too. 

No matter your context: whether it’s in education, community, social, institution, organization or individual, we’re sure that you will find the materials readily adaptable as we show and share ways to use and work with them.

March 2024

Planning and Promoting WLD Events: Larger Events, Chain Walks, and Diverse Groups

a pre-World Labyrinth Day virtual workshop hosted by The Labyrinth Society on Zoom

Saturday, March 2:

Taking WLD day to the next level in your area is about teamwork and planning. Meet the people who plan and promote larger events such as chain walks, tours of area labyrinths on WLD all with a diverse community emphasis. 

This workshop is for those labyrinth facilitators that want to be on a THINK BIG team. Learn and be inspired by a guest panel  that started small and stepped their way to arms spread wide! 

This workshop will also offer resources for creating and conducting WLD events which seek to encourage diversity and inclusion of participants.  This exciting  group is sure to give you ideas for whatever size event you are planning. 

So come take notes and with a little vision watch them take form on WLD 2024! Receive a 10 Tips handout, a recording of the meeting and more.

April 2024

Sharing New Ways of Facilitating Open Public Walks for WLD

a pre-World Labyrinth Day virtual workshop hosted by Veriditas on Zoom

Saturday, April 6:

Presentations by experienced Veriditas Facilitators who will share innovative ways to create a labyrinth walk. This will be followed by small groups and open sharing.

Online Handheld Finger Labyrinth Walk

Hosted by Veriditas on Zoom

Friday, April 26th

Join Chris Katzenmeyer, ED of the Legacy Labyrinth Project, as she leads a finger labyrinth walk with the theme of intention for World Labyrinth Day.