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WLD in Educational Settings 2022

Plan an event, engage your community, and celebrate with us!

Since 2019, World Labyrinth Day in Schools, and now broadened to Educational Settings, has been observed on the Friday before World Labyrinth Day. In 2022 this will be Friday, May 6th. For this year’s event, we have prepared quite a suite of resources to support teachers and schools, available at aln.org.au/wldes-resources.

Running with the theme, Hearts, Hands, Head & Feet for Peace, we have developed activities that both promote high order thinking skills and also encourage students to engage in reflective and metacognitive thinking. There are four foci for the suggested activities. With emphasis on each of the four body parts and calling on creativity and involvement, a selection of activities offers opportunities for students to individually practice times of stillness, mindfulness and expressiveness, while other activities are built on fun, thoughtful, collaborative and reflective group practices sending peace carrying energy within and beyond local environments. Most of the activities, if not written specifically for use with finger labyrinths, can readily be adapted to do so.

The Hearts, Hands, Head & Feet for Peace resource is comprised of:

  • a guide

  • teacher notes

  • a Short Introduction to Labyrinths PowerPoint

  • a poster

  • a handy checklist to help prepare for the event.

All can be freely downloaded from the website.